Customers Spotlight: Detroit Diesel

Today (12 December, 2012) NIS is at Detroit Diesel, testing and inspecting end effectors used for lifting engines, axels and transmissions.  NIS is privileged to be present while President Barack Obama helps announce Daimler’s $100M investment at Detroit Diesel in Redford Township, Michigan.  Investments will be made in new technology, expanded production and jobs.  Detroit Diesel’s 3 million square foot plant builds four major engines, rear axels and 12 speed transmissions; manned by a workforce of 2,300 employees.

Detroit Diesel will become the first heavy-duty vehicle production facility in North America to offer a fully integrated power train.  Making all parts; engines, axels and transmissions, in one facility will allow engineers to design part interfaces more efficiently.  The close proximity of these production modules will result in more efficient processes and ultimately translate to a more efficient end product.  Way to go Detroit Diesel – Made in the D.

end effector

engine lifter

Detroit Diesel in Redford Michigan has been a customer of NIS for over 20 years. During that time NIS has provided Detroit Diesel with quality products & inspection services; Life Line, Fall Protection, Lifting Slings and End Effectors.

Picture of Barack Obama provided by POTUS @BarackObama addressing the crowd at Detroit via @DetBlkAttorney
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Why the Ultra Lift is the best synthetic round sling in the world

1.       You will get MANY more lifts out of an ULTRALIFT®, lowering your cost per lift

2.       You can use any type of hardware that has equal capacity without worrying about D/d ratios, no need to buy special hardware

3.       You will eliminate or significantly reduce repair costs

4.       You will have a sling that is even easier to handle and store

5.       You will not have to rely on inaccurate indicators for inspection

6.       You will have a sling that is the most durable in the industry

7.       You will have that is the most resistant to chemicals

8.       You will have a sling that has been proven to last!

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How is the Ultra Lift round sling being used outside of the Auto Industry?

Ultra Lift in use!

Said he would not ever pay the price for the ULTRALIFT®, until 6 months later his customer had gone through over (30) TPXC100000 slings setting pile on a bridge job in Louisiana. He bought (2) ULLD100000 six months into the job and did more lifts with the two ULTRALIFT® than he did with the thirty Twin-Path®. The contractor took the undamaged slings with them to the next job!  — Mark Hardy, Service Rigging

Only 4 slings are holding up that train!

Gene Cardy of Ceres Global was loading GE locomotives  using Twin-Path® on a container ship bound for India. Went through +20 Twin-Path slings due to the tight connection points. He was damaging them on every other lift. He finally purchased 4 ULTRALIFT® and loaded over 30 trains without damaging one sling. The slings went with the shipment to assist in unloading. 

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Unitex™ SuperTechlon™ Endless Polyester Round Sling

SuperTechlon stripe coded endless round slingLifting a boat! It's on a boat!

These slings area a great lower cost alternative if the Ultra Lift is out of your price range. The patented abrasion resistant Techlon™ outer cover delivers up to twice the durability of a standard cover – most are cordura, which is the same material in your child’s backpack. I’ve taken my car keys and tried to rip into the sling, and it doesn’t even scratch them. Pretty durable for a polyester round sling.

The SuperTechlon endless round slings are stripe coded to assist in identifying slings capacity (each stripe equals 3000lbs of vertical capacity). So, if you see two stripes, its a 6,000lb capacity sling. Pretty easy to identify. Added to this they are print coded with vertical capacity on outer cover and are color coded for easy identification

What’s really cool about the Unitex SuperTechlon endless round sling is the protected tag feature.  The tag is protected under the sling, so no more illegible tags. On top of this, they are individually serialized for traceability.  These slings have the highest capacities per color in the industry.

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The UltraLift synthetic round sling – the ONLY die flipping sling available!

We’ve talked about the UltraLift a little on this blog, but now we’re going to really get into it.  The UltraLift is THE sling on the market if you are flipping or turning dies.  While synthetic lifting slings are nothing new to the market, up until now there has not been one that could successfully flip a die without being torn on a sharp edge or snapping from the shock load.

Watch this video – we call it The UltraLift vs Die Edge.  It’s pretty convincing.

The UltraLift synthetic round sling is currently made from Dyneema – even the inner core is Dyneema.  Dyneema is a pretty remarkable material – it’s the most abrasion resistant, cut resistant, and energy absorbent material in the world. On top of this, it’s waterproof – meaning it doesn’t absorb water, sweat, or any other fluid it comes in contact with. It’s such a great material that a percentage of all the Dyneema that is manufactured is first purchased by defense departments globally. They use it in Tank armor plating to make them lighter and aid in bullet deflection, body armor because it’s lighter than kevlar and doesn’t absorb body sweat, and most combat helmets to make them lighter and safer in the field.

What does all this mean for a round sling?
1.The Ultra Lift is significantly more abrasion resistant than any other sling on the market, making it twice as durable when coming in contact with sharp corners.
2.The Ultra Lifts material makes it more cut resistant than any sling in the world, meaning the likelihood of this getting cut is reduced significantly.
3.The Ultra Lift will not absorb liquids – some acids are bad and will erode – but fluids used in die handling can be washed out with a mild detergent. No more dirty, stinky slings!
4.Because Dyneema is the most energy absorbing material in the world, it can handle the shock load if needed.
5.The inner core of the Ultra Lift is made from Dyneema rope, so the core is significantly smaller than the typical sling used for die handling.  For most sling sizes it’s about 3.5 inches in diameter – it will easily fit in your bollard channels!
6. With the Ultra Lifts core yarns being Dyneema, as this sling is used it stiffens, making it stronger and more durable. It’s actually easier to handle heavy loads with a sling that’s “broken in”.
7. Injuries from wire rope and chain are significantly reduced!
8. Repair work to dies and surrounding equipment are gone!

Points 7 and 8 really make this type of sling a no-brainer in the purchasing department. Typically the savings realized from these slings pay for the Ultra Lift within 12 months.

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Can NIS make me a specialty lifter/lift assist?

Many of our customers – from our small mom and pop businesses up to Ford Motor Company – often ask us to help in the design, testing and manufacturing of specialty overhead lifters and lift assists. What is a specialty overhead lifter? Essentially it’s anything your facility uses to lift an item that is not a mass-manufactured piece of rigging equipment, like a hook or a chain sling, or a specialty lifter for employees to reach high places.
These can be on your assembly line, like with our automotive customers, or a stand alone piece designed to lift a specific item like an engine block, or a hydraulic ladder on wheels to get to those tough-to-reach high places.


NIS specialty lifter/lift assist ladder

The largest benefit from having a specialty overhead  lifter is that it’s customized to your process and facility. This means your process is in greater control and your lift is safer than those made with assemblies pieced together ad-hoc.

At NIS, we can assist with the manufacturing of a specialty overhead lifter in any stage of the manufacturing process – design, build, or certify.  So, if you need some specialty lifters certified or inspected to specific safety standards – typically OSHA General Duty Clause and ASME B30.20 – a spreader beam built or certified, or a lifter for a specialized process built or certified, National Industrial Supply can assist you.

Check out this video of one of our specialty lifters!

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How do I store all this RUD Hardware I purchased from National Industrial Supply?

RUD Hardware RackRUD Hardware Rack 2

Great question – and one that we get often.  We have designed and built several specialty racks for the proper storage of RUD Hardware.  These racks are on wheels and can be moved anywhere in your facility. They also have cupboards in the bottom for extra storage space. These racks are ideal for proper asset tracking and inventory of any rigging equipment, not just RUD Hardware. Contact us today about a rack for your equipment.

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Why wont my chain fit all the way into my blue grade 100 Weissenfel grab hook?

With the 2011 – 2012 design change the cradle takes more of the load off of the chain link that sits in the hook.  This is what it’s supposed to do – cradle the chain.  It’s not supposed to sit right at the bottom of the hook with the Weissenfel.  This displaces the load from the chain link that being lifted to surrounding links, making the lift safer and most likely giving you more life in your chain and grab hook. This is why we recommend using this hook whenever possible.

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Why would I want to use synthetic slings?

Garry’s Corner

“I’ve been using chain for 40 years. Why would I want to switch to a high performance synthetic sling?”

That’s a great question – and one we’re asked often.  How old is your TV at home?  I’d bet it’s  an HDTV and not more than 5 years old.  You’d probably never go back to watching an old tube tv again.  That’s how many of our Blue Armor and Ultra Lift customers feel.

The most notable advancement is the arrival of Dyneema into the market.

Dyneema is the strongest synthetic material in the world.  National Industrial Supply helped bring the use of this material into the US market for die lifting applications with companies like Sling Tech and Unitex USA.  Since our program launch in 2010, our customers have realized major savings in labor, medical expenses, repairs for surrounding equipment and increased efficiencies. Read more about Dyneema lift slings.

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Why does the quote I have for a Columbus McKinnon Hoist have a chain bucket as well?

Garry’s Corner

Why does the quote I have for a Columbus McKinnon Hoist have a chain bucket as well?

MIOSHA dictates that any company using any hoist, not just a Columbus McKinnon hoist, must have a chain bucket attached.  This is a safety measure as fingers, hair, clothing etc could potentially get caught in the chain causing long term damage or death.  

Since National Industrial Supply deals in safety, we strongly recommend to our out of state customers that they do use a chain bucket for their hoists – be it Columbus McKinnon, Harrington or any other hoist manufacturer.  Skimping on safety is never a good idea!

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